You deserve more

Connecting urban centres in metropolitan regions and across Alberta

You deserve more

Connecting urban centres in metropolitan regions and across Alberta

You deserve more options...


We believe Albertan's are being short changed in their transportation options. When options are limited, people are restricted in their movements. We are advocating to see passenger rail restored in Alberta. We want to see commuter rail into Calgary and Edmonton, regional rail in the Calgary - Edmonton corridor, as well as rail from Calgary to Banff, and other important areas. 

Dayliner RDC
Rail in Alberta


Passenger rail service in the Edmonton - Calgary corridor.

SMART Rail Rolling Stock - Nippon Sharyo
The Vision


Advocating for the establishment of a reliable, safe, fast, environmentally sustainable passenger rail service in Alberta.

Why Rail?

The benefits of passenger rail versus expanding the highway network.

Transit connected communities allow parents to work in the big city and allow kids to ride their bikes on the street. Investment in passenger rail will reduce commute times, decrease air pollution, and improve the lives of the residents of Alberta.

Regional rail is an exciting opportunity to improve communities, grow the economy, and open doors for people and businesses to prosper in a sustainable future-focused way.

We foster the vision for a better connected Alberta that will help our talented entrepreneurs, researchers and workers share knowledge. We are working to help grow economic opportunities in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, shrinking the distance between Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary to encourage greater collaboration, deeper economic ties, and balanced growth for years to come.

Alberta Regional Rail
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Commuter rail connecting outlying towns and cities to both Calgary and Edmonton.

Regional rail connecting all the towns and cities in the Edmonton - Calgary corridor.

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