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Our motto is simple: We deserve more and better transportation options. Alberta Regional Rail is dedicated to making this a reality. We want to encourage Albertan's to embrace rail and advocate for better inter-city connectivity, and in doing so, significantly improve the lives of many Albertan's by increasing their access to everything our wonderful region has to offer. 

Let's start small and make big things happen.

Our vision


We see the Calgary - Edmonton corridor as an opportunity to connect municipalities and build tourism and economic growth in Alberta. Already, this corridor is the most urbanized area in Alberta with over half the province's population living along it. Additionally, it also has one of the densest  populations in Canada. Yet, connections between the two major cities, and the cities and towns in-between, are limited to the QE2 highway and a few costly commuter flights that often only leave from major centres. The absence of a rail connection only reinforces the restriction of free movement for all people in the region.


Our vision involves combining facets of the flight and intercity bus systems with standard regional trains that service all towns in the corridor, as well as faster express trains that service Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.


Tourism between Banff and Calgary is also something we see as a drawcard for further expansion of the rail line.  As a popular domestic and international tourist destination, Banff National Park is visited each year by 4.18 million tourists, many of whom arrive via Calgary International Airport. Once rail is more widely established in the corridor, tourists will be able to fly from various domestic and international destinations, and then easily catch a train to Banff (and other towns and cities along the corridor). The frequency of the trains would easily facilitate day trips into Banff National Park.

Our mission


Simply, we are working to establish a rail network in Alberta that connects various towns and cities and provides an integrated transport network.

We plan to do this by:

  • Utilizing existing rail lines to save money.

  • Upgrading and, where required, straightening tracks to allow for higher speeds.

  • Twinning tracks on high volume routes to allow an increased flow of traffic.

  • Building stations in urban areas in order to enhance communities by encouraging transit-orientated economic development.

  • Integrating local transit infrastructure (such as buses or LRT lines) to create a homogenized transport network.

  • Electrification of rail lines (those separated from the electrified main lines) to reduce noise, improve efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Rail is the reason most towns and cities in the West exist, and the importance of rail as an effective tool in connecting places and allowing for greater freedom of movement for all people will continue to be significant into the future. Not only is rail more environmentally friendly than many other transport options in the province, it is also essential in keeping the history, legacy and traditions of Alberta alive, and more relevant than ever. 


By starting small, we can make big things happen!

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