Let's start small and make big things happen.

Our vision

We feel that the Alberta Regional Rail plan is the best opportunity for the province to establish a commuter rail system.

By starting small and building commuter rail routes in Metropolitan Calgary and Edmonton we can establish a demand for quality rail service similarly how the LRT has done in both cities. Alberta is projected to have a population of 6.4 million by 2041 with the bulk of it being concentrated in urban centres along the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. We want people to have transportation options that don't depend on their car and to lay groundwork that will help shape how our future communities are designed and built.

What currently exists in the region


Private vehicles, a network of private bus companies and commuter buses, small charter flights and approximately 25 flights between Edmonton and Calgary a day between WestJet and Air Canada.

Future Communities for future Albertans

8 out of 10 Albertans will be living in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor by 2041 and they will need fast, reliable transportation in order to move them across the province. Stations will be used to provide community focus points for development and identity which in turn will be transit hubs for regional buses.

Developing of a passenger rail system will provide an integrating force for the communities of the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. It will provide opportunities to fundamentally change the character of business, while expanding the level of social, personal and tourist interaction. It will support existing manufacturing and service industry, while fostering the growth of new businesses and attract the “New Economy” businesses including high-tech/high value-added industry tied to computer, telecommunications and professional services businesses.

"Meet me under the clocks at Flinders Street Station." Melbourne, Australia

How we plan to do it... introduce that we have funding and introduce phases

Lobby Government to create the conditions for passenger rail to be implemented.

Create commuter rail networks linking satellite towns to major cities.

Lobby business, especially Canadian Pacific, to facilitate and grow passenger rail in Alberta.

Spread the word of passenger rail, in order to make people aware of the benefits of passenger rail and the opportunities that come with it.

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